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A move to the West Coast of Canada was the start of an amazing career capturing the beautiful seascapes of British Columbia, and many other beautiful places of the world for Robert Mennie. Raised in Burlington, Ontario, his westward move happened at 15 years of age, where he studied an arts rich curriculum during his school years. Graphics , photography and design programs to name a few.


Robert began working in the fine art industry at the tender age of 16 with a strong interest in not only the artwork, but the incredible transformation and visual support added by framing. At 18 he opened his own Photographic studio, where he did freelance fashion photography projects.


After a trip to Europe, Robert was inspired to begin honing his craft as a land and seascape artist. Further inspiration came from his Valdes Island cabin located in Gulf Islands of the Pacific North West, where many of his photographs show the beauty of the island and coast of British Columbia enhanced by Mennie’s style of soft transition and moody colours.


An expansive career in the art world has cultivated an extensive repertoire of skills for Robert. From consulation on spatial suitability for small homes to luxury hotels, Robert is an expert at both what will look best, and the often bigger job of how to execute the project most effectively and efficiently. Working with many of the top Interior Designers in North America has meant not only vast exposure for Mennie’s artwork as well as many of his pieces have been featured in both National and Regional Design projects which have been recognized for various awards.


The artwork of Robert Mennie is both a Canadian success story and an international one.  His sales in artwork  numbers well into the thousands of  pieces worldwide, including the UK, Russia, South America, China and the US.


Robert is currently a Freelance Artist as well as a partner at a highly regarded framing & art dealer in Vancouver BC.


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